Monday, October 12, 2009

A morning ride with Pennypinchers

The Pennypinchers are getting into the zone for the upcoming Merrell Eden Duo (MED). Hoping to glean some useful info, they asked me to accompany them on a morning MTB ride (this they would do after tripping the firt kloofing leg of the MED). So off we went, all seemed to go well, we enjoyed the singletrack in Saasveld, felt the burn in our quads as we spun up the steep section after Pesi-Pools and enjoyed a relaxed ride on to Witfontein enjoying the view of the mountain every time it peaked out from behind the clouds.

When we got to Witfontein we decided to skip the Montagu Pass ride as the Pennypinchers still had to ride back to Saasveld and then on to Wilderness. On the way back to Saasveld I slipped off a root and straight into a tree. The result was a badly buckled back rim and a few scratches to my elbow and knee.

Here are two photos of my rim after the crash.

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