Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homtini Mountain Bike Race and a Run at Goukamma

With Tuesday the 27th of April being Freedom Day Netski took the opportunity to head out to the historic Goldfields area of Knysna and took part in the Homtini Mountain Bike Race a long standing favourite among local bikers. Jeff Wilcock was alos there along with a host of other multisporters making the most of the public holiday.

Netski wrote

"What a stunning cycle Homtini was it had everything district road, stunning forestry paths thru the natural forest and some nice and fast downhill single track and instead of being a 65km we scored an extra 5km as well making it a 70km mnt bike race thru the natural wonders of Knysna which to me is the forest. Being a holiday the race was well attended and the girl’s field was super competitive with two of the strongest mnt bike girls having come up for the weekend from the cape Hanniel Booyens and Tatum. Needless to say I was left in the dust but I’ve got an good excuses my good old back decided to cease up from 15km mark onwards so I would like to blame that for my 4th position!!!!!!…..I must say I did wish I wasn’t in so much pain because it is a stunning route and well worth it even with the two hills in-between without them we wouldn’t have such great downhill’s. That’s all for now over and out"

Saturday morning saw the old Team Knysna (the roots of PpART) join up for a run through the Goukamma Nature Reserve from Buffalo Bay to Groenvlei. Jeannette came along as did one of the party goers from a local 40th that I had mentioned the run to the night before.Chris as usual had a trick up his sleeve and added a stunning 5 km loop onto the run which meant I would definitely be scratching for water with my small bottle and one Gel. The run took us through Milkwood forests and over sand dunes and along the beach to Lake Pleasant where we were m by Gizzelle Crewdson and giving a well deserved lift to the Farmers Market for a great brekkie.
It was great to spend time with Hanno Smit and Christine and shoot the breeze while running thru another of the Garden Routes gems.

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