Monday, June 14, 2010

Time flies when youre having Fun

With two weekends having slid past without any racing what has the Team been up to you may ask?

The first weekend in June saw Jeff,Netski and James do an awesome mountain bike ride through the back of the Knysna Forest out to the historic Millwood Goldfields. Having recently re read Circles in the Forest, this route put the final pieces of the rough sketch map in the book into place. We crossed the Knysna river way up stream where it would have been crossed in those pioneering days having ridden through on of the last remaining stands of virgin forests in the Garden Route. What a favour Mr De Vaaselot did to us all by regulating the "hout kappers" of the time despite the huge financial hardships they then had to endure. One gets the feeling riding through these areas that the elephants or the spirits of the many elephants that were slaughtered here are always nearby.

During last week I had the huge challenge of taking 60 boys and girls (aged between 11 and 13) from Glennwood Primary School in George for a day of their school camp and introducing them to orienteering at the Ingwe Forest Camp in the Crags. What a day!!!!!! I returned home with ears ringing but with the satisfaction that five of the six groups of kids found all 20 CPs from the map I had made for them and the final group missed two in the confusion of the thunder storm that struck in the early afternoon.

This weekend Jeff headed off for a 120km bike ride with all the cycling heads of state in Knysna . Chris was busy scouting out routes for the up and coming Southern Storm to be run on the Garden Route in September. For those of you that are interested he has found some amazing new routes and the race should be spectacular. I was involved with the SA Marathon canoeing Champs held on The Keurbooms River in a marshaling capacity but sneaked in two great runs and a ride between showing the canoeing who's who where to go.

There are two weeks to go before the Knysna Oyster festival and by next week we will have confirmed all the teams entries into the different events . We will be represented at each and every event except the Oyster eating competition which is not good for ones cholesterol!!!!


The picture below is the old bridge crossing the river at the bottom of a famous pass.

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