Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Adventure Racing

What a start to to the week with both Jeannette and I being exposed to the realities of AR before we even got to the race in this case the 10th and final edition of the Swazi Extreme or the Swazi X.

Jeannette was phoned by her team mates on Sunday night to say that they will not be going to The Swazi X because Clint has not fully recovered from a mugging incident and they cant find a suitable replacement. This was a huge disappointment to her and this just goes to show the value of having a squad and looking after it.

My team Team called me in as a late replacement when its founder member Shane Raw broke his arm a couple of weeks ago.We are still facing the up hill struggle of finding another second to join us on the trip to Swaziland.

On the positive side I will be on my way this afternoon and there is no turning us around to defend our title in the final edition of the Swazi X. Jeannette and Jeff will be in action over the weekend doing the Om Die Berg Trail run in George. A tough 40 km of trail running faces them as they go up Tierkop and over Cradock Peak. We look forward to some good results and pictures from them.

Below is a picture of the victorious Team in 2009

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