Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Pennypinchers Karoo to Coast Mtn Bike Race

"I'm paying a bit for doing the Karoo to coast without to much training never think that this race is easy even if it is mostly on a stunning district road and supposedly down hill!!! Having entered late saw me start right in the back. I never knew that this race was so big I expected 400 cyclists compared to what I think was 2000 or so. The nice thing was that it was so well organized that you never felt crowded. It did bottle neck the 1st 15km along the jeep track this part took me 1:30hr due to mainly pushing the bike but everybody was in good spirits and was having fun. Once we hit the district road everybody dispersed amazingly and one had the downhills mostly to oneself making it fun to be able to speed down them at your own pace. It took me 5hrs and 8min and was good fun it's a stunning race for anybody who does not like to technical mnt biking but loves being out there. The views and the pass are amazing. Thank you to Pennypinchers for a super well organized race." Jeannette

Jeff also took part and finished just over an hour ahead of Netski and surprised some of the Knysna cycling fraternity by sneaking up from behind after starting in the last batch as well.

The lesson here is that one needs to become a licenced rider if you want to do well in these bike races other wise you do get stuck near the back of the field.

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