Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kurland Summer Trail Run by Lettuce

Summer Trail Run
12 JANUARY 2011, 4:30PM

The Pennypinchers Adventure Racing Team has decided to put on a trail run over the Xmas holidays to make sure that people don’t eat too much Christmas pudding and those that do will have an opportunity to work it off before the end of the holidays.A portion of your entry fee will be going towards two local charities here in the Crags Mind the Gap and Kids of Kurland.

Living in The Crags I had a pretty good idea of a route and with permission from Peter and Zander Behr the team headed into the hills above the Kurland Estate to scout a route that would suit our needs. The area is so beautiful and cut out for trail running that we had to restrain our selves from running all day and just work on a route that would be suitable for everyone.

The route that we have chosen is roughly 12 km long with 375m of climbing. The run starts with a gradual climb into the back of the Kleinberg. This climb is rewarded with a view over the Crags towards Robberg and an easy 3 km down hill to a cold mountain stream where the runners can sip the pristine waters as refreshment. After the stream the runners will leave the jeep track and head over the Kleinberg on a fire break choosing their own route down the other side. From here the route speeds up for those that still have some energy and follows some winding roads past natural forest, honeybush tea plantation and horse paddocks. The Pavilion comes into sight but there is still some work to do as the runners follow some single track back to the finish line.

If that sounds to tough there is a 4km fun run that will given novices a small taste of running through the forest and around the well groomed Kurland grounds. Our preprimary school teacher Jeannette will be putting together a mini trail run for the kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old with the moms or dads able to go along for some fun.

The restaurant and bar will be open at the Pavilion with some light meals and ice cold refreshments for runners and spectators.

The late afternoon start (Registration from 3:00pm start at 4:30pm) should provide for a cool run with a great opportunity for sundowners at the spectacular Pavilion.
Send me an email to recieve an entry

The 12km Kurland Summer Trail Run is restricted to 100 runners only so please print a copy of the entry form and indemnity and fax it with proof of payment to 0866192563.

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