Friday, February 4, 2011

Attakwas Mountain Bike Race 2011 Jan 15

So I did the good old Attakwas again with that I mean the 130km one for the 3rd time and I love it. It is such a stunning mtb race thru the Attakwas kloof over the mountains thru streams, watering points with ice cold watermelon and juice, what is there not to love!!! Okay well the last section is the one which is debatable the steep, long hard district road climbs where thousands of ants scuttle around on the hot road. This year it felt that they where scuttling uphill much faster then me, Christmas was good to me and in that way I don't mean with presents. But granny over here didn't do to badly I came 2nd in the ... ... category (didn't want to give the age away but suppose I should or one thinks I entered the kiddies race) the sub vet category! Overall I got no clue but time wise I did 7.36hrs and pretty happy with that with the training I managed this Christmas. The good old bike did well and the packet of GU Chomps was devoured with glee. Thank you to Pennypinchers for all the support and making it possible to do these fun, hard races and to GU for making it possible to finish them. Over and out Netski

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