Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New look Blog and news from the Team

Nick Cuthhbert who joined the Team as a second to the Garmin Wartrail a couple of weeks ago offered to use his computer skills to up grade our Blog site. It is work in progress but he has changed a few things that look great and we will continue to build and upgrade with his help. Training is going well for the Team and information is now starting to come through about the 500km African Expedtion race to be held in May. The break down of the race looks like this there will be 323 km of cycling,127 km of run/hiking and 50 km of paddling. This race is a true expedition race where we will be carrying heavey packs and navigating from check point to check 24 hours a day untill we reach the end. There is one 5 hour compulsory rest stop in the middle of the race where we will restock and get given the maps and race instructions for the next half of the race. Check out the website for more and to see who else is racing. This weekend Garth will be making the haul down from East London to join the Garden Routers for a training weekend. We will start the weekend with the 70km Tsisitikamma Mountain Bike Challenge on Saturday morning. After that we are going to do a long hike along the coastline and through the forests here on the Garden Route and we will finish up after dark with a paddle on the Keurbooms River. Sunday morning will kick off with a short ride and then paddle out the Keurbooms Mouth and acorss Plettenberg Bay and finsih with a run around Robberg. We will be doing all of this except the bike race with the full gear required for the Expedition Race The weekend will give us time to work on our Team dynamic as well as test some new gear and make sure our race nutrition is on track.

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