Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Trans Bavains MTB Race is happening this weekend from Willowmore in the Eastern Cape Karoo to the small coastal village of Jefferys Bay. The ride is 230km long which makes it the longest single stage mountain bike race in the world. Once again it is the South African sports men and women who are brave/crazy/fit enough to take on the challenge. The race is fully subscribed at 1200 riders and the waiting list is long. With the ride starting at 10am there is the additional challenge of the riders having to cycle in the dark even the "racing snakes" . The cut off time is a staggering 24 hours and some people dont make it.

With all four regular members taking part the Team is looking forward to being back together again. Jeff is wearing his cyclists hat and opted to race the the race with a group which includes his partner for next years Trans Andes Bike Race. James,Netski and Garth will be riding in the mixed threes category and hope to do well. Wiothin the spirit of Adventure racing the Team has made a decision to do the race with out making use of seconds or the organisers kit boxes that can be dropped alonmg the route. The thinking is that we are used to carrying what we need and that the time we loose by carrying a bit of extra wieght will be made up by the fact that we will keep moving constantly from check point to check point.

So watch this space and think of us as another cold front sweeps the Southern Cape and we ride in the expected maximum tempreature of 9 degrees on Saturday morning.

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