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The Pennypinchers Night MTB Relay

The Pennypinchers Night MTB Relay

The idea of including a Night MTB Relay at Cairnbrogie came to the Pennypinchers Adventure Racing Team three years ago while they were tidying up the markers and branding after the Pennypinchers Cairnbrogie Trail Run. As it got dark and the lights came on at the Barn we realised what a perfect night time venue this would be.

Riding at night on a 5km marked track in a relay team of two allows the racers to get a small insight into the night time world that is part of Adventure racing but they are in a safe contained space and hopefully won’t get lost.


Riding at night is not easy and good lighting is essential. Hanno Smit of the Merrell Adventure Addicts recommends the following.

     Make sure that what ever lights you are using you have ridden with them in the dark before the event

    Make sure that you have spare batteries (event new ones can run out)

     I like to ride with two sets of lights. One on my helmut which allows me to shine a light where I am looking and then a brighter light on my handle bars.

   Make sure that you ride within the capabilities of yourself and the lighting system you have. There will always be someone with brighter lights than you . Don’t worry stay in your light zone try not to look at other outside light sources as the can blind you for a short time.

The route around the Cairnbrogie Dam is about 5km and riders rider for two hours and the team who complete the most laps is the winner. This year the route will be open from 16;30  until 17;30 to allow riders a look at the route in day light. This should allow for some of the faster teams to clock up more laps but also settle the nerves of the novice riders.


The Night MTB Relay is the second leg in the Off the Treble Hook Challenge (sponsored by Off the Hook and Robberg Seafood)  . This Challenge Trophy is given to the athlete with the fastest combined times in Pennypinchers Cairnbrogie Easter Trail Run, The Pennypinchers Night MTB Relay and the Pennypinchers Easter Surf Ski Challenge.It is also part of the Plett Easter Games held every year in conjunction with Plett Tourism


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