Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tips From the local for the Drews training session

The most important thing to remember about the session on Sunday is that you are all responsible for your own and each others safety out on the course. There are quite a few areas where there is no cell reception so bear that in mind as you skip your way up Whiskey Creek.If you go past this point you are on the right track. (spare a thought for the lettuce patch this is our pump)

I do recommend the following:

A pencil to write down the check points (Drew to provide paper)

Water proof map and cell phone

A compass (and know how to use it)

A good amount of grub (THERE ARE NO SHOPS ON THE ROUTE)

Water can be found out on the route but only drink it if its flowing

The paths on the hike legs are old (v old) but mostly clear if you start bundu bashing head back to the last place where you were on the path and look around.

A small first aid kit,space blanket,whistle,knife and windbreaker should see you survive till the morning if you have a problem.

Most all have fun. I look forward to the war stories on Monday.

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