Friday, February 19, 2010

Whats the Team been up to????

With the long weekend in March being D-Day for three of the team training is picking up and becoming more focused. Jeanette is putting in some big miles on the bike getting ready for the Epic while James and Chris are doing the "Jack of all Trades" bit in preparation for the Garmin Wartrail. Chris and I watched the sun rise from a surfski in the middle of The Bay in Plett on Sunday while putting a 2 and bit hour slog on a flat sea. Jeanette teamed up with Squirt Lube man De Wet for 80km in the forest on the bike. Jeff is returning to his routes and doing a lot of running in preparation for the Comrades and Cango Marathons. He will also be at the Xterra this weekend practising his doggy paddle before blitzing the bike and run legs.I have been using a pair Rocket Compression Socks for recovery after running and riding . They work!!!!!!!.They are not something to wear with slops to the shops after a run but with your feet up at home they do work despite heavey fines from the fashion police.

Here is the Pennypinchers Team in the 2008 War Trail climbing the old border fence for the 39th time. We will be wearing cycling gloves and taking the fences individually this time and not with a group in an effort to speed things up.

Have a great weekend and good luck to all those going to Xterra

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