Monday, April 5, 2010

The Pennypinchers Easter Surfski Race 2010 by James Stewart

Above Some of the waves at Robberg Point

Sunday the 4th of April ,Plettenberg Bay, slightly overcast with a flat oily looking sea is what greeted Sean Gannon (owner Pennys Plett ) at Central Beach. We had entered the doubles race after being involved with the running of the singles race on Saturday. It looked like it was going to be a bit of a flat slog around the Robberg Point and to the Island on the Wild side of Robberg of about 20km.

After a quick TV interview in which I did say that we would have to see what the Wild Side offered we set off across the Bay riding some slip and saving some energy (Just as well ).

After about 25 minutes we got to the Point of Robberg and were Greeted by some rather large swells . The adrenaline kicked in and we spent the next half an hour beating some big well and huge chop bouncing of the rocks.

We turned and now had the wind which had picked up from behind as well as the big swell to push us home. We picked up some awesome runs and one cannot describe the feeling of surfing down the face of a 3 m ocean swell knowing that if you tip out there is deep water below you and it has some of those big fish lurking.The exhilaration lasted for about 20 minutes before we tucked back into the Bay and ground our way to the finish.

The weekend was a great success and with the top surf ski paddlers in the country taking part we just need to convince the locals and others to come and experience the thrill of some deep ocean paddling around Robberg Point
Below Locals Sean Gannon,Dave Visser,Andrew Beverage and James Stewart

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