Monday, April 12, 2010

Tsitsikamma mountain Bike Race (By Netski and Lettuce)

What fun to finally be able to cycle in some mud again a very rare pleasure in this part of the woods? I'm sure the holiday makers who came to enjoy the Tsitsikamma mnt bike race thought otherwise but the locals surely must have loved it. The race consisted of 3 different distances 25km, 40km and a 70km. I was very ambitions and decided to tackle the 70km and to defend my title from last year. Well lets just say that my legs and lower back finally gave in probably thinking that I'm going to punish them again by doing another Epic, so from the 30km mark they let me know that there was no way they where prepared to do a 8 day race again. The route consisted of mainly dirt roads meandering thru pine forest a bit of indigenous, nice muddy farm roads as well as a lovely section along the rugged coast line. Needless to say I was not able to defend the title and came in second but to my defense only 5 min behind the leading lady. It was good fun and a well organized race with lots of great people. Thank you to Pennypinchers for their kind sponsorship. See all next year. Netski

From the guys side the pace was so fast at the start that Kevin Evans disappeared of the radar in the first bit of single track and he stayed ahead to win the 70km race in a time of 2 hours and 30min. I stuck to my guns of trying to ride as hard as I could until I blew and then carry on to the finish. This plan was derailed quite a few times by bike “admin” ,firstly a seat post that kept sliding down and then the normal stuff that goes with riding in mud and cow sh***t. In the end I had a good ride and really enjoyed the route with a good mix of roads, paths and jeep track and just enough down hill to let you forget about the 995 meters of climbing.

This event will put Storms River on the map and deserves all the support that it gets from the local community. The other two girls in the car with us Nicol (Netski’s sister ) was the third lady in the 25km race and Dael my better half was fourth ( I did suggest she should have gone harder in the end sprint).Well done!!!

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